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NDTV Good Times – Highway on my plate

There is one show which comes in NDTV Good Times channel called “Highway on my plate”. This is really an awesome program which involves, food, food & more food in every show. The hosts, I’m not too familiar with their names but are good. Their job is to travel all highway side hotels & restaurants & in some interior places of towns & cities too. The restaurants & eat outs they go are usually not so posh & expensive but are really famous in that particular place due to taste & varieties. They show interesting eating places acorss India. Though the places are usually road side, the kind of foods prepared are so delicious & yummy that it’s hard to find them at 3 star, 5 star or even 7 star hotels.

It is definitely one good of a show which makes us awate about different food tradition at different parts of the country. If you have not seen it so far, just switch on the NDTV good times channel & watch the show. It is really a yummy show of all.

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3 Responses

  1. veereswara sarma says:

    in NDTV channel having more n more progrem r in good,
    i have seen every 30 hr. for the channel,
    the NDTV having profit, hindi channels also,
    i am fan of ROY. (WHO IS THE leader in the channel).

  2. shivam swami says:

    I want to join ndtv good times I am a hotel management student.
    I am watching food shows.plz help me!!!

  3. Jyothi Chakkilam says:

    Hi, you had asked as to what Tendli is called in Hindi or any other regional language. Tendli is called Kundru in Bihar, and Dondakai in Andhra Pradesh.

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