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NDTV IMagine – Aaja Nachle

Have you ever seen Aaja Nachle program in NDTV Imagine channel? It is a show hosted & conducted by the very famous bollywood choreographer, Saroj Khan who has made stars like Madhuri Dixit dance & look good in dance in many movies.

In this program, she teaches us (audience) the very famous dance numbers & yet difficult ones. The way she teaches the steps makes us feel any difficult dance easy. There are usually few students whom she teaches look at them, the viewers can learn to. It;s a vey unique program & first of it’s kind in India. Anyone who wants to learn bollywood style dances, now need not go in search of any dance classes. You can just watch this program & lern varieties of steps & all for free.

One of my nieces watches this program, she is 4 years old & has learnt many steps from this program & dances damn good. The show comes daily & is repeated twice a day. I guess it is from 4:00 PM to 5:00 PM & again 8:oo PM to 9:00 PM.

So why look out for dance teacher when india’s best choreographer teaches you to dance. Just tune into the NDTV imagine channel & watch it.

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  1. veereswara sarma says:

    in our country having some of good’s,
    in that
    one is NDTV channel,

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