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Rare accident – Be careful

Early today morning when I reached office I got a news that one of our company employees is hurt in a road accident while travelling to office from home in the company cab. Others who were with him in the cab narrated the incident that took place some where half the way to office.

The employees were picked up during early morning at 6:00 AM for they had reach office at 7:00 AM which is quiet far from employees place. Since it was a long time to travel, employees usually tend to sleep in cabs. So this guy was also sleeping but before he got into the cab, he did not lock the door properly & he was leaning his to the door & was sleeping. After a while the cab driver suddenly applied brakes since a cow came in front of the cab on the main road. Suddenly this guy who was sleeping, the door opened & he fell on the road hitting his head badly to the foot path. He was bleeding & was taken to hospital. Now he is in hospital recovering. Luckily nothing major but what if another speeding vehicle was on the road behind.

So, please double check whenever you get in to a car that the door is correctly locked.

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