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Scary House at Garuda Mall – Bangalore

If you happen to visit Bangalore, definitely visit Garuda Mall which has scary house on 4th Floor. As the name states, it is a scary house where you enter in & walk inside the house for about 5 minutes, exploring diiferent rooms which has scary surprises for you. The ghosts & devils flying here & there, falling at yoru fot steps & on back of you with scary sounds & music running inside the house. Once you enter there is no stepping back, you have to come out only through exit & that’s the only way. It’s all dark inside with very dim red colored light glowing here & there with a minimal light only enough to walk forward, you will never know what strikes you & where. The show is just awesome & is not advisable to weak hearts, aged people & kids below 8 years of old.

One can really experience a real life kind of horror sequence here.

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