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Shekhar Suman disappoints again with his poor singing

Shekhar Suman disappoints again with his poor singing

We all know Shekhar Suman as whacky ‘stand up comedian” of T.V industry who hailed from disastrous past of super-flop hero of Bollywood. His innings in TV has raised his status and now he has shown great interest in singing. Shekhar pumped up muscles and donned ‘six pack abs” but that did not improvise his singing skills. His solitary pop- album “Kuch Khwab Aise” faltered miserably and his singing career too. His frustration showed in a reality show when he shared negative vibes with veteran composer Anandji on the show. He lost in the preliminary rounds but his passion for singing made new waves with his next release ONE FINE MONDAY. He sang the song “Shyam Diya” and believe me it was one of the worst hearing experience for me.

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  1. penanshupen says:

    His talk shows Movers and Shakers on the Sony Entertainment Network and Simply Shekar on Zee Television were great.

    all the best to skehar suman

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