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Tender coconut water a day keeps the Heat away.

Yes it is really true, having tender coconut water everyday will keep your body away from excess heat which can lead in to ailments like: mouth ulcers, itches, dandruff, piles & fistula.

These ailments are usually caused due to excess heat & our body is prone to heat because of the climate in India as such is too hot & highly polluted. And we spend a lot of time driving on roads for long hours due to traffic jams & the heat emitted from vehicle engine directly affects our body causing heat.

By having tender coconut water early in the morning say by 7:00 AM or so, it will cool your internal organs & avoids your body from excess & external heat. It is really healthy to have it daily. Ever since I have started drinking it, I am finding it useful in many ways, I do not have dandruff problem, my skin looks healthy & fresh all the time & my body can resist excess of heat.

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