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Tribute to mothers

A mother as you all know & for those who do not know, is the most powerful person in universe. She is the most respected person in any family & I am sure every body agrees to that. The frist word a baby learns to speak is maa or amma or whatever depending on the language. Whenever you are in trouble motheris the first person you will share your feelings with & she is the one person who can protect your from all troubles & dangers. She guards you more than any one does to you & no one can take her place no matter how close & dear that person is to you.

A mother sacrifices a lot for the sake of her children. She goes out for shopping for her children, she prepares food what her children likes, she wakes up whole night when her children is sick & she takes care of her children in all possible ways to ensure her children is happy & healthy.

Words are just not enough to praise a mother & no matter how much you praise seems less.

Lets all keep our mothers happy.

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2 Responses

  1. jmalhotra says:


    Mother is the best soul that all of us are blessed with….its GOD”S GREATEST TREASURE ….full of love affection and sacrifice….thus it becomes our duty to keep our mothers happy

  2. Service_to_all says:


    You are right. There can be none who can replace a mother. The kind of dedication, selfless affection are all virtues which only she possesses.

    I would request you to read my poem “Dedication to Motherhood”


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