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Two girls in traffic

Today when I was coming to office from home, I saw two girls in traffic on a bike who were pretty looking. I was in my company’s CAB. What attracted my attention was, they both were singing loudly without bothering what people on the roads & passers by would think. Theye were in their own world of fun & joy. Their voice were melodious & they were singing classic old hindi songs. For a while I felt really strange but later I was enjoying their singing too & so were others in the traffic. I could not resists & I just asked them if they are so happy that they are singing. One of the girls respoinded that they both are child hood frineds & they got a job in a same company & in same department, probably a call center I guess.

It really reminded me of Sholay movie’s “Yeh Dosti” song sequence. I could make out how happy they in their frinedship. It was a beautifuyl thing that I saw today & it really reminded me of my school & college days friends.

I really congratulated from my heart & wished them everlasting friendship. They were really happy with my wishes & thanked me.

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