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Hiding of shoes by sister in laws . Bride & groom searching ring in vessel after marriage are very common customs & most of the Indian communities perform these customs during the weddings .However there are some customs with which we are less familiar because these customs are caste or community specific .

In SINDHI marriages there is a custom called WANWAS in which the bride groom’s clothes are torn by his relatives a day before his marriage. This custom is also performed in Bride’s house.It is believed that by tearing the clothes & throwing them into sea or river will help the bride & groom to get rid of evil eye.

Among MANIPURI”S there is a custom in which one senior lady from the groom’s side & one senior lady from bride’s side releases a TAKI FISH in the river or lake & see that both the fishes move together.If the fishes get separated it means the couple will not going to maintain the relation for a very long time.

Among the SANTHAL TRIBE OF MADHYAPRADESH the bride sits in a huge basket & a senior male from her family keeps that basket on his head & goes in the mandap than the groom climb’s on his brother-in-law’s shoulder’s & puts sindhoor on the bride’s forehead.

In Brahmins & Agarwals there is custom of singing GAALIS . The brides relatives sing Gaalis. In Gaalis the relatives of bride tease the relatives of Grooms & the interesting part is that the Grooms relatives force the brides relatives to sing ” Gaalis ” & for that they give money .One of the popular Gaali which is sang in North India is as follows,

” Samdhee kuttae aayae……aayae yahan par……gattur ka paani pila …….pila meri guyiaan , guttar ka pani pila “.

” Samdhee ke mooch …..jaise kuttae ki pooch …….guttar ka pani pila……pila meri guyiaan , guttar ka pani pila “.

There are many more customs performed during marriages in India which are very uncommon & if our Bollywood Directors & Producers do some research work on the customs in marriage definitely we will be able to see more Indian customs in movies .

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4 Responses

  1. jmalhotra says:


    all the customs are very unique and worth enjoying ..they add flavour to the occassion and makes the ceremony lively …

  2. mysteriousdoc says:

    these are the uniques customs which keeps the west puzzeled about india

  3. Service_to_all says:


    Most indian traditions and practices have significance ot the other which most fail to understand and scoff at.

    1. The act of searching a ring in a vessel.
    During the days of arranged marriages, this play acts as an introduction to the bride and groom and the physical contact during such play acts sheds their inhibitions and prepares them for much closer physical contacts.

    Customs and traditions definitely have significance if one has the intentions to understand.


  4. Service_to_all says:


    Why talk of the west alone. Many amongst us are ourselves puzzled as one never attempts to understand our culture, customs, traditions and their significance. Even before attempting to understand ourselves, many tend to ape and follow the so-called advanced western culture.


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