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Valentines Day

Tomorrow the 14th February, as you all know is a Valentines Day. My message to everyone who is planning to propose is, “just go & propose no matter what’s gonna happen”. Not every one on this day will be successful, there will definitely be some hearts broken.

For those whose heart is broken, my advice is, “do not get upset & give up” if the person whom you have proposed has not accepted, it doesn’t mean you are not fit for her/him but it means, there is some one better in your life who would come which is why god has not been favorible to you this time.

For those who are really hessitant in proposing, please go & propose. You will never know what’s gonna happen. You might not be able to propose with fear of rejection but for all you know that person is already liking you. Never be late in expressing your feelings or you will repent in future when you get to know that you had a chance to propose but you did not.

For those who are successful on this day & whose proposal has got a YES from other side. Please don’t think you have won the world. It is just the begnning & you will come across many hurdles & tests in your love. Time will test you how capable are you for your partner. Rejection after having love relation is worse than rejection at time of proposal. So, be careful to not hurt your partner & to keep up the good relation for rest of your lives.

However, I wish no heart is broken this Valentines Day. All the best to everyone & may god bless you all with a beautiful love.

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4 Responses

  1. rohanrs says:

    Hi kiran i dont think so we can celebrate 14th feb as a festival even though all over the world celebrate this day…i said so because usually only young people are involved in it and that too not all…and in india itself most of them protests it too…

  2. rohanrs says:

    Hi buddy wish you and all ebloggers a very happy valentines day….tc

  3. lkjhgf says:

    Hey kiranshubha ,

    When i wrote the blog “How Valentine’s Day began? ” then someone told me that Valentine’s Day is not our festival and should not be given such response
    Do u believe the same?

    Or u think it is world wide fest we should also involve in it.

  4. Service_to_all says:


    This is not in our culture. This practice of valentines day has created more oldage homes, mental clinics and the works. The beneficiary has been the media, the hospitality sector, gift producers and sellers, cards producers and sellers etc.


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