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A stupid act

Parents named Mahendra Bhuta and Asha Bhuta traded their daughter Snehal’s matrimony.These 3 allegedly worked toghether in tandem to dupe rich bachelors.

When Asha came to know that Vijay Shah , owner of Premraj Collections in Santacruz was rich and alone,she made a regular visit to his shop and one day ask him to marry her daughter.Shah agreed after meeting snehal.

After being engaged Mahendra extracted 5 lakh rupees to buy jewellery. Afew day b4 marriage he alos asked for 3lakh to buy cloths. Shah was in doubt thereafter and postponed the marriage and took out the information about the family and came to know that snehal went to Dubai and she had been divorced by her 1st husband Bhishan Bhatia. She remarried a shaikh and was staying in her bungalow.

Really a shameful act.

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2 Responses

  1. MOKSHA says:

    People can do anything for money……..money….money & money……buzz is that Maanyta too maried Sanjay Dutt for money…….

  2. jmalhotra says:


    these days money is making the ppl going crazy and stupid ….

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