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For years and years, health experts have been warning that Americans are too fat, excercise too little and eat too much, that their health is really in jeopardy.

Is it the problem of just Americans or it is the same case with Indians too.Many people believe that fatosphere ( known as filling the virtual soapbox } i.e. bieng fat should be accepted bythe people.

They believe that being fat is good and they can frighten the people by their fatness.Some people who are not fat also tell them to accept their body, quit dieting and get on with life.Their belief is such that dieting can further harm the health of the people and they do not enjoy their life by eating the diet food.

Although this may be true for some extent but not always a fact.The message from fatosphereis not just that Big is Beautiful.The people forgets that obesity can lead to many disease more faster, which may help up in lending their life earlier.So such people should try to be as fit as possible.

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