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How number rules the stars

All the secret marriage of Bollywood actors/actress is ruled by no. 4 or 8.

Person ruled by Rahu(no. 4) r moody, adventorous & unpredictible.

Person ruled by Shani(no. 8) go through major ups & downs and struglle throughout.

Shammi kapoor & Geeta Bali: Shammi kapoor born on 21,october ruled by which adds up to 8

Kishore Kumar & Madhubala:Kishore Kumar was no. 4th person in numerology born on 4 august 1929. Madhubala was ruled by no.8.

Dharmendra & Hema malini :Dharmendra was no. 8th person in numerology born on 8 august 1935. Hema malini was ruled by no.8.

Raj Babbar & Smta Patil: Raj is indirectly ruled by no. 4. Smita Ptil was born on 17(1+7=8) was ruled by no. 8.

Saif Ali Khan & Amrita Singh:She is ruled by no.8 Saif is indirectly ruled by no. 4

Sanjay Dutt & Manyata:Sanjay Dutt is 49yrs old(4+9=13=1+3= 4).

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