Mobile Tutorial 1

MObile communication is the wireless communication as there is no direct wire associated with the communication and the name mobile suggest movable.

Some of the examples of mobile communication are:
1. Paging –

Remember the day when the people used to carry small box called “Pager” which was attached near the belt of the pant. This device was used in paging communication. This was the simplex communication. Simplex means only one sided. U have to give msg to paging operator and the page were send to the pager. Now a days it is hardly used.

2. Cordless-

Many of u might be having it at home or atleast knowing about it. There are two device associated with it one is base and other is receiver. There is a wireless comm. b/n both device and then the base is connected to exchange as in normal landline.

3. Walkie – Talkie

4. Remote control of ur TV or AC


these are few examples of wireless communication but the main thing that we are going to move ahead is cellular comm.

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