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Rs 1.44 Cr job offer

IIM – A (Ahemdabad) is considered to be the best Institute for doing MBA.
It is always in news coz its student getting the highest pay offer.

The student of IIM – A , Neela Nageshwar Vittal, has been offered the record breaking salary of Rs 1.44 Cr rupees per annum. The job is offered by an international finance corporate for a abroad location.
He broke the record of the student of IIM Calcutta who was been offered 1.36Cr.

Last year the highest domestic package offered was 60 lakhs . tis has been increased this year by 17 % as now the highest domestic package offered is 70 lakhs.

Also the average salaries the students of IIM A gets has been increased form 13.7 lakhs to 17.85 lakhs gettingg the increase by 30 %.

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  1. jmalhotra says:


    being offered such a huge amount ..shows the quality of students passed out in IIM A and ofcourse Neela Nageshwar’s outstanding perfomance at IIM

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