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In earlier days the wall paint was used to b plain or the wallpapers were sticked which doesnt gives any glow to the house. This might b also the story in some house this days too.

Now-a-days wallpaper has evolved in to fancy look and r more sophisticated.Also the paint is not plain ,people use atleast 2- 3 colors with special design paints. Different rollers of designs of flowers ,stars and other design fill out the section of the wall with the design which will seem to b a frame.

Different varieties with glowy and fancy look of the wallpapers are available.Go for brighter shades like fuchsia,orange , green and yellow. Also mettalic colors like silver and gold makes the walll shine bright. U can also select multistripped color like bar- codes, geometric designs and floral prints.

Wallpapers with Textile look such as pure silk, chenille yarn or jacquard are the expensive of all &
Wallpapers such as polyster viscose and jute are the cheapest of all.

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