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Who cares?

Is this just two words or it is the attitude of people of todays world.

Please read the following paragraphs carefully and please reply by giving ur experience of any incidence related to this or any other views which u want to commend on.

“Who cares ” has now become the common attitude of all the people today. Noone has interest about whats going on the road incident, government, any friends problem or any such issue.I practically have many incidence observing the people just close the matters by saying who cares. They are becoming selfish now-a-days.

If something happens in the road the people will just have a glance at it and leave that place by saying who cares. They are scared that if they help the suffering people there then will they also be indulged in that controversy?

Another point is of government. Do u know what is happening in the government.Now u will also say who cares. This is y the government officials are at benefit now. Do u remeber when was Pravin Mahajan had been shoted down. Where is Praveen Mahajan now a days. What happened to drugs controversy of Rahul Mahajan?

who cares? right nothing has happened to us what we have to do why we have to look to such matters

WHO CARES??????????

Please share if u know some incidence like this.

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  1. lkjhgf says:

    I have written para instead of paragraphs please takre it into considerations.

    And frnds plz share ur views or incidence

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