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i learn something new recently. the “teacher” was my friend. she taught me something important. that is – family bond. her father just passed away and she is only 16. As her mother couldnt take it, she became ill. my friend, who was the elder daughter of the family, have to work part time jobs. it was vacation now and she was able to work 2 part time jobs. i met her near her working place two days ago. and she was crying. immediately, i went over to ask her what happened. she told me her father passed away. and she have to work 2 jobs and take care of her mother. as she had never work before, it was really tough for her. but to my surprise, she wasn’t as weak as i thought. she dried her tears with tissue paper, and told me that she will stand up from any falls. and i asked her, what makes you have the energy to do so? she said, because i know, i still have a mother although my father went to heaven. although he died, but he will always be living in my heart. i was so touched by what she said. and she continued “my father and mother love me alot. they work very hard to earn money for me. so, to repay them , i have to love them and help them when they have problems.” although she is only 16 years old, but she understand the importance of a united family even though her father left her. i do hope she will continue to work hard and really love her mother. it may be really tough, but i know she will be able to do it. keep going on friend!

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