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have you ever heard of perfect crime? is it good to lie?

have you heard of perfect crime? alot of people says that perfect crime is an art. actually, in some way, i do agree that is it. if you don’t understand the meaning of perfect crime, it simply means that convicting crime without any clues left for police. this means, no matter how hard the police search, they cannot find any clue towards the crime. and of course, the person convict the crime is not caught. but however, when a crime is convicted, there were always clues. cause there is nothing perfect in the world, but maybe something that is near perfect or looks perfect. clues, which is the key towards the answer is difficult to find.but some times it is just that whether you are able to realise them anot. maybe clues can be water? which will disappear when time goes by. and if no one realise, the clue will be gone forever. but i think it is really bad to do so. cause no matter what, convicting crimes is wrong thing. if you lie about something, you will need many many lies to cover it up. and it is really tough to keep lies. because they were like secrets. you can’t tell any one or write it down or anything. because once this secret is revealed, there will be a possibility that you lie will be discovered. and if it is really serious, you may hurt some one and even get yourself into trouble. so better try not to lie. its always good to be truthful. i reckon that no one will like people to lie to them. cause its really awful to lie to some body who gave you the trust. so, try to cut down lies, unless it is really necessary or you really have no other option but to lie.

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    How are u doing? Nice one. Please do read my writings..

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