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my best friend

to you, who is your best friend? i had a friend that i known her since i was primary 1 (6-7years old) and her name is sheryl. i know her for so many years. its about 10 years since the first time we met. actually, i do believe in fate because if we are not fated to meet, we wont arrive at the school at the same time and being put together in seating arrangement. and becuase she was my primary school partner, we soon became good friends. we laugh, talk, play, study and quarrel. to me, a best friend is some one who understands you, care for you and willing to help you when you have a problem. she helped me alot since i was young because i was 4 months younger than her. and she look like my elder sister. and i do appreciate an elder sister like her to come into my life. actually, if you were to do a survey between teenagers, its really hard for them to tell you that they got a best friend that he or she know her for 10 years. which is really a long time. it RARE to have a best friend like this.
if you dont have a best friend, or you think you dont need one, then think again. think again carefully.
a best friend is some one who helps you, give you care and concern and really truly good to you. a best friend will not push you away when they know new friends which is just like your boyfriend knowing a new girl and breaks up with you. a best friend really cried with joy during your graduation, your wedding and when you give birth to your first baby. a best friend shares happiness and sorrows with you. and whenever something happen, your best friend will think about you first. a best friend has no doubts when you do something, in fact, they do their best to support you, help you and give you advice. a best friend is some one who is willing to send charcoal when door outside is snowing heavily. a best friend is willing to send you an umbrella when you are caught in a heavy rain. this is what my best friend does when i need her, and it is what i also do when she need me. its really good to have you as my best friend. and i am sure, this friendship will continue untill god of death brings me away. i really do appreciate my best friend and i will treasure her. also, i wanna thanks her for being my friend and help me through all my difficulties and willing to share happiness with me. thank you sheryl. 🙂

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