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question: is it good to keep learning new things in your life time? how do lower income group survive?

question: is it good to keep learning new things in your life time?my view towards this question is :yes! of course! no matter you are a he or she, old or young, poor or rich, its always good to learn more things! if you only live for 80 years, its consider a long time. but 80 years is not even enought for a person to learn every single thing on earth. so, learn as much as possible. but however, not every one think so. for example, the people around me. once they completed their studies and got a certificate and were able to work in the society, they will forgot every single thing they learn in their school time. then i asked them, then what for you go to school and spend so many years studying and sitting for many many exams? and their reply was : to get a good certificate and find a stable and high income job in the society.
ok, i do have to admit, as earth is becoming more and more advanced, every single country has talented people and alot of countries have high standard living. for example, in singapore, every thing is starting to rise. things are getting more and more expensive. but for higher income groups, its ok, but for people who has a fixed salary through years? how are going to manage the rise of standard of living? some one says, good stuff were of course more expensive. who wouldnt want good things? no one wants a computer that cannot function well, a mp3 player that couldnt save more than 100 songs or even a handphone with no camera. but things are getting so expensive, how do lower income group manage them? so, alot of people will want to get a job with high pay in order to get things they need and desire for their own self.
but however, there is no wrong in learning.if you know how to speak english, then, learn another language. when learning another language, you can also learn the culture or even religion. its never too late to start! i hope people who are busying trying to earn more and more money, stop for awhile and learn something while busying earning money. after all, you can’t bring money to heaven. even if you can, i doubt there is any thing you can buy there.

you can post me a comment on how you think about the questions, its always good to have some one with same topic to discuss.

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