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understanding is really important

alot of people do not know how to understand another people. some think that they already understand them by interacting with them within a period of time. but however, time is not the real key towards understanding. to understand a person, you have to interact. through interaction, you know the person’s character, hobbies and favourites. also, the person will also know more about you. but the most important thing in the character. different people have different characters and style. the way they handle problems, think of solution and solve them. if you understand some one well, it can really help. for example, to prevent quarrels. thus, understanding is important. because it creates bond among us. no matter its between friends, family, collegues or even strangers. the whole world is connected together. so some times, its good to know each other well. besides, having to know each other well makes both of them happy also. cause at least you know that in the world, in your entire life time, you know some one well, and that some one understands you. that person may not be your family or you husband or wife. he or she can be your best friend or your sister or brother. its not hard to find some one to know you well, it is just whether you are willing to understand the person or willing to let another person understands you. if you haven find a person who understands you, why not look carefully around you. if you found one, good for you. if you haven, think again. maybe the one who understands you is just beside you!

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