Bhram movie review

The movie is closely based on the life story of columnist Shobha De and is done by actress Deepshika. The famous writer Shobha De got fame on her writings that are based on stars and their personal lives. Deepshika appearance and dressing style completely resembles Shobha De. Sunita (Deepshika) is a page3 journalist by profession and she succeeds writing spicy news of the famous people. She continuously looks for controversial issues to highlight in the page3 of magazines and newspapers. An investment banker (Milind Soman) is her target now. The story is written by Bhavna Iyer who is editor of the magazine ‘Stardust” and was in and out of spicy journalism. The movie is a thriller.

The music of the movie is done by Pritam Chakraborty and Siddharth Suhas. The
soundtrack contains dubbed Bengali to Hindi song “Ghare Ferar Gaan”. The music director was accused of Plagiarism for the music of the movie. The movie can be said as
impressive but not mind blowing. It is due to the musical hit tracks like “I am a bad boy”, “Teri Aankhon Ki Narmi” and “Lagdaa Na Lagdaa” the movie may get positive response. The song “Jane Kyun Tanha Ho Gaye” lifts the spirits of the album but still it is not as striking as his last few chartbusting tracks. Hence we can say that due to the music the movie may be successful.

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