Disappointing End to the First test match

Hi friends, I was very disappointed the way the first test ended. Both the teams played a cricket which was boring to the audience in my view. Only the innings of Shewag has brought some interest in the match. I want to salute the way Shewag plays on his day, even the great Sachin Tendulkar might not be doing the feat that Shewag has achieved and that to in such a humid conditions. I can’t stop myself from comparing Shewag to Sachin & Lara.

Lara scored his 400 runs in some 500 odd balls and during his innings he has played slowly for his personal best score. One more thing is that England scored a huge score and West Indies were never in the winning position. So Lara has played his innings according to the need of the match. But Shewag never wasted any ball which is wide & loose one and played an excellent innings to put Indian in excellent position. India’s remaining batsmen did not put a big lead to threaten the South African batsmen.

I would also like to salute the great wall of India, Rahul Dravid, who inspired Shewag from other end. Rahul has become the 3rd Indian player to reach the 10000 runs in 120 test matches. He is 2nd fastest player to reach this landmark but only after Brain Lara (111 matches).

South Africans played a defensive game in the 2nd Innings and the 5 th day of the test match was very boring to watch. Shewag was awarded with a Man of the Match award. Anil Kumble & Sachin did not come on the field because of injuries. Sachin is doubtful starter for the next test match.

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  1. sajeevss says:

    We are a country which has won most of the matches at home with spin bowling.It is high time pitches are also amde to bring about results

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