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How to select Engagement Rings

If things are going right, then you will merely buy one engagement ring in your lifetime and an engagement ring is not a small investment, so it needs a lot of research before purchase. Due to lack of knowledge, people may sometimes, regret their choice later if their partner does not like it. However, many people satisfy themselves or adjust with what they purchase, taking it as their partner’s choice and value it.

Though it is hard to find an engagement ring of your choice there are a number of sites offering fabulous rings with large varieties and reasonable price. Another option is to choose reliable engagement ring seller who will give you a great deal even if you know nothing about engagement rings. You can choose them through websites with their reputation or can research through feedback provided by users.

Things to consider for finding a perfect engagement ring:

Determine your budget
Begin your research only after determining your budget, which will help you in eliminating the irrelevant rings, and will save your time. If you think, the budget is not as high as you suppose it to be, then you can always reset and add stones later on to enhance its appearance.

Learning about the stones, you want to have in your ring:
The four C’s that is Carat, Color, Clarity and Cut are to be known while going for precious stones. An easy way is to learn everything you should know before purchasing diamonds. This helps in understanding the cost and quality of stones used in your ring when you are actually purchasing.

Settings of the ring
When you had made up your mind about the precious stones, then next thing to be determined is the settings. There are various ways to choose a setting to mount the precious stones on the ring.
The most popular settings for engagement rings include the solitaire, the prong setting and the channel setting, which are available in white gold, yellow gold and platinum.

Preferred likings of Fiancée
Try to observe jewelry and notice their likes such as white gold or yellow gold etc. This engagement ring will be a big surprise if it comes close to favorites. It is important to figure it out their likes and dislikes, favorite jewelry styles or points raised during shopping for engagements rings. Some women do not like diamonds, so find out what choice they have, whether it is a sapphire or ruby gemstones, etc.

The Moissanite Engagement Ring:
A mineral called Moissanite was discovered by Henri Moissan in 1893. This gemstone has become a strong competitor to diamond. The best part of this type is that, it will not dictate your finances. The cost of moissanite engagement ring is less than the diamond and more durable. This type of gemstone is better than the cubic Zirconia, which is another competitor of diamond. Moissanite gemstone refracts more light and gives brightness more than that of the diamond or cubic zirconia. However, before buying, examine the stone in bright daylight, as some may appear to be slightly green or gray in color. The store’s return policy, must also be checked, in case you want to return or reconsider your purchase
The moissanite engagement ring has more demand than cubic zirconia for many reasons. The cubic zirconias are of two types namely, hand-cut and machine-cut. The hand-cut stones are nice alternative for diamonds but lack brilliance of both the moissanite and diamond. The machine-cut cubic zirconia is a poor substitute for diamond as the brilliance lacks and looks hazy. The ratings of these three gems cannot be argued, the diamond rates a 10, the moissanite a 9.25 and the cubic zirconia a 9.0. The ratings of durability are important because daily use of the ring. In case of financial constraints, then the moissanite engagement ring is the best choice.

Metal choices available for the Engagement Rings:
Primary engagement ring metal choices include

Yellow gold: This metal is the traditional one. It symbolizes warmth and love in a marriage. A mark, about the quality the gold, is inscribed generally on the inner side of the ring as 14k, 18k or 24k. The purest among them is 24K. It is the softest and most delicate among all the others. To prevent scratches and for rough-use, 14k or 18k is the best choice.

White Gold: It is the most sort-out one in current fashion trends, because it resembles both silver and platinum jewelry. It is cheaper than platinum.

Platinum: It is both classy and durable. It is a symbol of enduring love for many. It is not mixed with second-rate metals, and is safe for those with allergies. However, it costs more than gold. In fact, it is the costliest of all metals.

Precious Gems
As these rings are for permanent use, while softer stones can be beautiful, they are not a good choice for an engagement ring. Based on the Mohs-scale, which registers a stone’s resistance to scratches or cuts, the stones are selected for engagement rings. Anything less than a Mohs scale 7 is unsuitable for an engagement ring. Hardness levels of some stones are- Diamonds 10, Rubies 9, Sapphire 9, Emerald 8, Topaz 8, Aquamarine 7.5 to 8, Amethyst 7 and Garnet 6.5 to 7.5. The cost of the stone rises with the shade of the stone (darker ones cost more).

One final thing to say-
Choosing an engagement ring is like selecting the ideal ring for her/him. It is likely she/he will be wearing it for a long time, so do not take quick decisions while choosing. The latest designs or imitation design of a friend’s ring, are the obvious choices in the easiest way. However, as here your own decision matters more, take time and energy for it. Choosing something personally for your loved one adds more pleasure and anticipation to the event.

With love
Madhu Vamsi…. 🙂

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