Indian Cricket League new Tri-series

Hello friends, The Indian cricket League (ICL) had announced a new Tri-series on April 1st 2008. This tournament is to be called as “ICL 20s World Series 2008″.

In this tri-series 3 teams will be competing for the title. The three teams are ICL India, ICL Pakistan and ICL World. The ICL 20’s World Series 2008 will be starting from April 9th 2008. All the matches will be played at the beautiful, Lal Bahadur Stadium, Hyderabad. In the league stage, 7 matches will be played and each team will play twice with each other. The top 2 teams will play the finals.

Ten sports & Zee sports will cover the telecast live from 7 P.M to 10 P.M. The ICL Indian team will be selected after the Edelweiss 20s challenge’s second semi finals which will be played between Hyderabad heroes & Chennai superstars.

Kapil Dev, the Chairman of ICL, had announced the schedule of this tournament today to media. In my opinion this tournament will help the new players of India to prove their credentials against 2 good international teams.

Lahore Badshah’s played very consistently compared to other teams in Edelweiss 20s challenge series. Inzamum-ul-haq will lead the ICL Pakistan team. The ICL world captain will be Chris Cairns and ICL India teams” captain is yet to be named. Steve Rixon will be coach for ICL India and Moin Khan will be the coach for ICL Pakistan. John Emburey was appointed as the coach for ICL World team.

The ICL till now had conducted three tournaments. The first one was ICL 20-20 Indian championship held at Chandigarh. The second one was ICL 50s held at Chennai & Hyderabad. The third tournament which is currently being played by teams is Edelweiss 20s challenge’s. Hyderabad & Chandigarh are hosting the matches..

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