PCB Banned Shoaib Akhtar

Hello friends, The Pakistan cricket Board (PCB), Disciplinary Committee had banned Shoaib Akhtar for a five years. In these 5 years Shoaib cannot play any form of cricket in Pakistan. The hearing took place in Rawalpindi on April 1st. Shoaib violated the player’s code of conduct. He had commented negatively the PCB policies before the media. He is already on 2 yrs probation for hitting his teammate M Asif with a bat.

Shoaib Akhtar cannot play for Pakistan team in Pakistan or anywhere in world for five years. However Shoaib can play for other teams and he can participate in IPL or ICL or English County. Now Shoaib is 32 years old and with this ban his career is over in my opinion.

In October lat year, Shoaib was banned for 13 matches & fined 3.4 million rupees for hitting his fellow teammate Asif with a bat. Shoaib said to the media that he will knock the doors of the courts to over turn the ban. Akhtar wants to represent his country and the 5 years ban came at age which will ruin his career.

The Disciplinary Committee warned Dinesh Kaneria for a similar offence and no fine or ban was imposed on him.

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  1. UWON says:

    Yes i came to know that Shoaib is banned from Pakistan team.But he will earn a lot from IPL.


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