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Talent Hunt by Kingfisher

Hi friends,
Kingfisher is organised a movie talent hunt in many parts of Andhra Pradesh and “Kinfisher Superstar” talent hunt that was launched across the state in November last year.

Four youngsters who are the Finalists are Yamani (Warangal), Shaguftha Zareen (Karimnagar), Chaitanya Krishna (Ongole) and Arun Babu (Visakhapatnam), were all smiles at the moment though only one will be chosen in the finale to be held in a big way on March 15 at the RRC Grounds, Hyderabad.

These contestants might get a chance to find a place in film director Teja’s new movie “Keyka”. Kingfisher anyhow keep the data these artists with them and other directors can also contact kingfisher.

The jury involving stars like Shahrukh Khan, Rajnikanth, Naomi Campbell and Eddy Murphy. Endorsed by Mr. Bharadwaja, the talent hunt was a brand building excercise for Kingfisher alongside its Beer Festival in Bangalore and Rock Talent Hunt in Kerala.

Some 40,000 applications were submitted and 2,240 were shortlised after scrutiny. Again 40 were selected in auditions which were held at Warangal, Visakhapatnam, Vijayawada and Hyderabad. Out of 40 another 12 were selected for the semifinals and finally 4 were the winners.

with love Madhu

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  1. rajashreek says:

    Hi madhu, Kingfisher is in the newspapers everywhere for good reasons. This is easy way to find new talent and directors need not have to go everywhere to find new talent. I am happy that Kingfisher is doing good work for the society.

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