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Right to information

Every individual or entity body has the right to information from any publlic or private authority sunject to availability of the content and information to be provided.Any employee can ask for his rights with the employer,As we being a part of the orginazation where we work if any bthing is done wrong to us their should be transperancy in every place of working or in public authority this is applicable to the whole of india.First we have to understand what is “INFORMATION” It means any material in any form including records,documents, e-mails,datamaterial held in any electronic form and information relating to any private body which can be acessed by public authourity sunject to provision of the act ,all the citizens have the right to information.
Every public authority shall maintain records duly catlouged and indexed in manner and all form which facilities the right to information and ensure that records are appropriate and are reasonable time framed and sunject to availibility of resources and network if required all over the country if required for the people who are residing every where.Every persons has the right to information for the purchase of any product if want to purchase it or for the knowledge of it.But it depends upoun how we put it across the other person or the party.

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