Ganguly —- The unsung Hero?

Dear Friends

Well Its a well known fact that politics prevail in almost every profession. Its gets sronger if the profession involves power and money. Cricket is the most glamourous game ever since India won the world cup in 1983.

The game involves huge money and its controlled by a politician who does not know the abc of cricket. Ganguly who the only consistent player ever since he started his second innings in cricket. Sehwag might have hit a triple ton but the next 5 inning its negligible. the same is the case with Dhoni, Yuvi etc but players like Ganguly and Lakshman are consistent and the give good stand to india but nobody sings their song. Ganguly and Dravid are taken of one day suad but not Tendulkar why? ganguly is an alrounder like Sachin and consistent with fitness and form.

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