Reservations/Quotas – A Political Game or Public Development initiative?

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India is a country of rich cultural heritage and admired by the world. The caste system in India has come up based on the nature of work the early man chose to do. I was a balanced world everyman knows his job. But it motive was exploited by certain people in the past and tried to subdue and ill treat people doing menial jobs and graded them as untouchables. This system gave rise to the first imbalance in India and India fell prey to foreign Invaders.

India got Independence in 1947 and The chairman of the drafting committe Dr BR Ambedkar has decided that to reduce the gap created in yester years he proposed the system of reservations with a time duration of just 10 yrs. Ever since then till date after 60 yrs These qoutas kept on increasing. Does it mean that We have not developed in this 60 yrs? or Dr Ambedkar was wrong in his calculation in the percentage of quotas and castes which are supposed to get them?.

Well its a well known fact that these are just political gameplan for luring people of a majority comunity. Well If you want a quota then concentrate your clan in a particiular area and become a dominating factor for politicians of that area and you will get it.

Quotas are just killing merit. I would like to know If the politicians would like to get treated with a doctor who gets through in a college through quota and passes his exams by grace? Well these doctors are meant to work in govt hospitals by securing jobs by quota and kill innocent people of their community only.

Then The solution

Well we should give them free education with scholar ships from kindergardens, Start more residential hostels with good facilities free of cost for BPL people. Let them study and compete. Give financial assistance for everybody who is poor give them a helping hand but not dont make the handicapped………………………

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