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its valentine and love is on air

Rise and shine guys because its V-day today (and spare a glance out of the window hoping the sun is shining too, after it took a comp off yesterday!!!
Guys… time to get up, brush, shave, cut the tag on that new shirt and shoes dont forget to polish them well because girls they look at shoes too and the next is to call up any good resturant in which you feel convinient taking your girl in and make a reservation in advance.
Girls…you dont need tips in the category coz we are sure you”ve decided for dress long in advace and also done with parlour
what next …… GIFTS haha now its common worry for all of us whether he/she will like the gift or not, so guys dont worry she will like it for sure all you need to do is to wrap it pretty well and girls stop being nervous you will look gorgeous as you always do.
so best of luck guys enjoy your day keep LOVE on air always and forever happy VALENTINE’s DAY.

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