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” Baap bada na bhaiya sabsae bada rupaiya ” is an old Hindi saying , meaning that for most individuals money is more important than parents , relations & self respect or in other words money is above all in world . According to me this saying is very true in today’s time where people do anything for money. People do not hesitate in kidnapping , murder or deceiving other people for money . When it comes to cheating people for money , I remember of a fraud which I would like to share with all people as any innocent man can easily fall prey of such type of fraud.

Well some 2 years back when I was going back to my house from my house , I saw two women on the road side pleading for help. One lady who was standing was wearing a torn & slightly dirty sari , was asking people to buy her Copper vessels as she was urgent need for money. She was saying that her son got separated from her at the Mumbai railway station when they came from the village due to hustle & bustle & her son’s wife ie her daughter in-law is in her third trimester of pregnancy , she urgently needs money to go back to her village . Looking at the plight of the women many people gave some money without buying her utensils &said that with this money she can feed her daughter in-law. The daughter in-law who was sitting at one corner seemed to be healthy . She was also wearing a sari but she had covered her face completely.
I too felt very sorry for the women & thought to give money . Meanwhile I was taking out some money from my purse , I saw an elderly woman who seemed to be quite rich saying to the poor lady that I will buy your utensils & give you some money . I felt very bad for the simple reason that why this elderly woman to buy this poor ladies utensil , why she cannot give her some money like that ? . Thinking that the woman must be heartless , I removed a 50 Rs note from my purse & moved towards the poor pregnant lady to give her the money. When i was just 6-7 feets away from the poor lady , I heard from the rich elderly lady that I will buy your utensils in 1000 Rs but I want to see your daughter in-law’s face first . The mother in- law of the pregnant lady refused & said it is not possible. The rich lady said again but the lady again refused to show her daughter in-law’s face . She said that my daughter has Conjunctivitis therefore she has covered her face. The rich lady told that so what happened if she has Conjunctivitis . Meanwhile some other women who were also standing in the crowd also said to the lady to show her face but she kept her daughter in-law’s face hidden . As a result of which some people doubted for something wrong & therefore some women forcefully lifted the veil of the pregnant woman. To my surprise the pregnant daughter in-law was in fact a young healthy man who had dressed him self in Sari & blouse. I immediately kept my 50 Rs note back into my purse & tried to get out of the crowd as some men started beating the man in the guise of pregnant lady.

Thus in a nut shell some people for money can do any thing . For such people the words self respect , dignity are meaningless . Also before giving money to people like the ones I have mentioned think twice because if you give money to a cheater you are responsible for promoting more frauds in society.

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