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Match making has become a grand business today.On internet for all most all communities there are matrimonial websites. Also there are match making agencies which does match making for specific castes only. Match making is a pious work , traditionally in India it was only done by Pandits ( Brahmins) & they used to become satisfied with what ever bride & bridegrooms parents used to give them but unfortunately today it has become a business . Since match making business does not require any specific qualification or certification or license from government many people have taken match making as their source of income . Many people in order to make money instantly cheat innocent people in the name of match making.

In recent past my cousin aunty placed an advertisement of her daughter Divya in the matrimonial section of Hindustan Times. Several people from all over India contacted my aunty through her email ID . A match maker too contacted her. He sent multiple emails all with different email IDs. In each email he wrote his contact details & along with the details he attached bio data of some boys. All the bio data’s were incomplete & the boys parents & residential details were missing. The match maker sent the emails for 2-3 days . Every day he used to sent 10-15 emails. After 3 days he started sending emails in which there were only photographs of boys. All the boys were very very handsome & as written by the match maker they were all from decent families. My aunty liked some of the snaps of boys & she finally thought of contacting the match maker. The match maker was from Chandigarh & has given his cell number & other details.

My aunty called the marriage broker on his cell phone & enquired . The match maker spoke very decently & said that is his business & from past 40 years he has been in to match making. He also named some people who had got married through him. Than he told that he had sent incomplete particulars of boys because people will ignore him & will directly contact the parties. So first the person has to become a paid member of his match making agency & they he will send bio data of suitable matches for one year. He also told that if the bio data suits than he will fix a formal meeting . The match maker told that his fees is just Rs 2000 for a whole year. My aunty thinking that the match maker is asking a reasonable amount & also have good proposals , sent him a DD OF 2000 Rs. The match maker received the money & sent some bio data along with photographs of boys on my aunty’s email ID for few days. Aunty chose few particulars of boys & contacted the marriage broker. The broker said that he will talk with the boys parents & will respond back in one or two days. However the match maker did not contacted my aunty , my aunty again called him . The match maker told that the boys parents have gone out of town . Than after few days she again contacted the agent , he did not pick up his cell. She tried to contact the match maker several times but he did not pick up the phone.

Eventually my aunty decided to contact the boy’s parents directly . When she called up , she came to know the number does not exists . She than thought to get new number from MTNL enquiry . The telephone operator said that there is no telephone number registered with this address. Than she thought to get the details of the boy from distant relatives . The relatives enquired & said that no body exists with such name & address. My aunty than contacted the match maker on the address on which she has sent DD , to her shock there was no one with such name. Aunty was depressed but she thought that she learnt that how people cheat in the name of match making . After some days she told the whole incident to some of our relatives from North , they said that there are many fraud match makers who contact people from the advertisement placed in newspaper & websites & than they send fake bio data of people & to persuade people they send the photographs of boys & girls who are not very familiar & are into modeling & people thinking that the match maker has good proposals get registered with the match making agencies.

Thus unless & until your are not sure of the match making agency do not register or entertain the match maker . You may lose wealth & also it might be possible that the match maker may miss use the snap of the person

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3 Responses

  1. betterlife says:

    Not all match making agencies are bad. People should search through established matrimonial agencies only. They will ask for their fee as they have spent lot of money on creating infrastructure.

    Some caste based associations also organize meets where people can interact with each other for matrimonial purposes. Such meets are very helpful. We were introduced to the family of the girl for my younger son during one such meet. There were no fees. With God’s grace, our both families are very satisfied.

    “प्रेम करो सबसे, नफरत न करो किसी से”
    “Love all, Hate none”

  2. jmalhotra says:


    one should be lucky enough while dealing with such brokers…as they turned out to be frauds ..though exceptions are everywhere

  3. lkjhgf says:

    Unemployment and the lureness of money drags the people for such business to start.
    Everything has advantage and disadvantage.
    Many have benifited from such business too.

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