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Many people have a habit of correcting others. As soon as they find other person making a mistake , they immediately try to correct the person. Correcting other for their mistake is a good habit.However most of the people who correct others consciously or unconsciously try to pose others that they are more wise , intelligent & socially responsible person & therefore they have the right to correct others . As a result of which while correcting an individual for his or her folly , they make the individual who has made a mistake , feel humiliated. Sometimes the mistake is so small but the person who corrects it makes it so big in front of other people that the person who has committed a mistake feel so disgusted that the person thinks even of committing suicide . Thus I want to say that if we see some one making a mistake , we should always try to correct the person but without letting the person feel inferior or useless.Unfortunately people make the person who has made the folly feel humiliated .As a consequence the person who has been corrected does not realize that he or she is being corrected for his or her well being & the individual instead of thanking the person who has corrected him or her, hates the person. In this context a remembered my college incident .

When I was doing PG in Dietetics from IHMCTAN , we had practicals in Therapeutic Dietetics . In the practicals of Therapeutic Dietetics all the students have to plan a whole day diet of person suffering from a particular disease & than have to cook either Break Fast or Lunch or Dinner from the whole day diet plan of the patient.After cooking the meal we have to display it & the Professor would than discuss the pros & cons of the diet plan with the whole class . My friend Lakshmi along with other students planned a diet for Diabetic patient & than she cooked & displayed the lunch items on the table . Our Professor Shanta Devi asked the student to stand up & speak about their patient & the diet plan which they have designed. When Lakshmi’s turn came , she stood & spoke about her Diabetic patient & also the diet which she has prescribed . As she was explaining her case study she pronounced the word ” MUSHY ” as ” MASHY ” .I do not remember in which context she used the word ” MASHY ” but what I cannot forget forever is the way our Professor Ms. Shanta Devi corrected her .Ms. Shanta Devi humiliated Lakshmi so badly for just pronouncing a word wrongly.Although she thought her the correct pronunciation of the word ” MUSHY ” but the way was absolutely disgusting .

Ms. Shanta Devi laughed at Lakshmi , she told her that she should be sent back to school to learn English . Not only this the professor said that she does not deserve a PG degree & she will never be able to practice as Dietician in her life. Ms. Shanta Devi said all this in front of whole class & other girls started laughing. The professor than called other teachers & said that , Lakshmi does not know how to pronounce the word ” MUSHY “. l was looking at Lakshmi , she did not cried bit her plight was pathetic . I feel that you might be thinking that Ms. Shanta devi did this with Lakshmi because she might not like her personally but no you are not thinking right as after a month a similar incident happen with another classmate of mine . She also have to look down because of wrong pronunciation. Now whenever I think of this incident , I feel Shanta mam should have called Lakshmi privately & should have told her the correct pronunciation of the word ” MUSHY ; rather than making her feel humiliated in front of whole class & other teachers.

Thus we should always correct others for their mistake but we should never humiliate them & also we should not try to pose our self more intelligent while correcting other for his or her folly. By humiliating we will never be able to show the right path to a person instead humiliation give rise to haltered & animosity.

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4 Responses

  1. jmalhotra says:


    you have rightly pointed out the fact…one should tackle the situation in a mature way rather than pouncing upon and reacting in a rude and humiliating way…as it leaves a person hurt and sad ….

  2. mysteriousdoc says:

    yes you are right.. never try to show others low by anything even if it’s right.hurting anyones feeling is worst crime

  3. lkjhgf says:

    Not always we have to point out others mistakes.
    But it is necessary to point out so that they will never repeat it again also pointing out should b such that person realises his mistake carmly. It should not b humiliating to him/her.

  4. betterlife says:

    After reading your post a simple question came to my mind. We take upon ourselves to correct others” mistakes, but what about our mistakes? Who will correct them?

    “प्रेम करो सबसे, नफरत न करो किसी से”
    “Love all, Hate none”

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