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People face embarrassment because of their names. This happens either because of wrong pronunciation of the name by some one or because the name is meaningless or sometimes because of the unisexual nature of name .

We all feel disgusted when our names are pronounced wrongly & the embarrassment is more when our name is purposely pronounced wrong by some one. For instance when I was in school , we were taught music by a Sir whose name was Mr. Deepak , he used to purposely call my classmate Sana as ” Sanam “. Sana used to feel very irritated when he used to call her ” Sanam” . Sana is a Arabic word meaning Prayer & Sanam means Lover.Not only the pronunciation but the meaning of the name to at times make the person look down.People generally ask the meaning of the unusual names & many times it happen the person with the unusual name does not know the meaning of his or her name & so people laugh & advice the individual to ask his or her parents about the meaning of the name.Often it also happens that the person’s name is meaningless & when he or she asked the meaning of the name by somebody the person tells some funny or irrelevant meaning of his or her own name . Recently I met a young Indian girl & I asked her name , she replied ” HALISHA “.I asked her what does it mean , she said ” HEAVEN”S CINDERELLA ” . I felt like laughing because Cinderella is a fiction character & there is nothing like Heaven’s Cinderella . I further enquired that is it an Indian name , the girl said yes..Now according to my knowledge in no Indian language there is the name Halisha . It is just a self created name & it is meaningless. Halisha can be meaningful if this little girl becomes a renowned personality of our nation than people can keep their daughter’s name as Halisha & can say that it is the name of a popular person . There are also certain names which does not mean very good & still people choose that name for their children for eg ) Vipin means Jungle & still people keep their son’s name as Vipin.

Unisexual names occasionally make the person feel awkward . Names common to both men & women like Prem , Kiran , Shashi , Poonam , Mithlesh etc are unisexual names .To emphasize on this point I am sharing with you my personal experience.As you know my name is ” MOKSHA ” . Although there is alphabet ” A ” in the end of my name , still most people pronounce & write as ” MOKSH ” & therefore many people who do not know me personally consider me as male .Recently I open an account in ORIENTAL BANK OF COMMERCE . When I checked my account on internet , I found my name as ” Mr. Moksha “. I went to the bank & told about it to the bank assistant . On hearing this he laughed & thought I am joking . He than checked my name on internet & when he saw that I was made as male by the bank , he started laughing & said that the person who has updated my details on net had considered you me as male . He also told the same thing to other bankers & all the bankers started laughing. Although meaning wise my name is very good & people always compliment me for that but because of the unisexual nature of my name , people often consider me as male , which makes me feel very embarrassing.

Sometimes the name of the person make him or her feel awkward when somebody else shares the same name & that person is known for something bad or has done something evil or socially unacceptable .Do you remember ” BALBEER PASHA ” . Yes this name was used in the Aids advertisement few years back. Many men whose name was also Balbeer changed their name to Bala or something else because they were teased by others.Thus your name can make you feel awkward if it pronounced wrongly by some one or if it meaningless or if you do not know the proper meaning of your name or some one else shares your name & that person is known for something bad or evil.

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3 Responses

  1. Service_to_all says:


    All lies in ones mind. Never reveal your embarrassment. On the contrary, you have to make those who embarrass, be embarrassed by making them feel low that they donot even know the basics that sometimes a name could be unisex.

    Remember the Advt HARI SADO (Naukri.com Ad), where in the expansion for HARI (H-Hitler, A-Arrogant, l, R-Rascal, I-Idiot) was given a very bad connotation. If all Hari’s take it in that sense, then no one can help them.


  2. lkjhgf says:

    Thats true moksha
    sometime this happens

    This had happened with my friend also.His name is Surhanuddin Dahodwala.NO one can pronounce his name properply and as a result he has atleast 25 names now.

  3. jmalhotra says:


    very true dear…one really feels embarrassed if the name is pronouonced in a different way by any regional person…it happens many a times with me when one of my south indian friend calls me..WITH A DIFFERENT TONE..

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