Infactuation between bloggers

There is a boom of social networking websites on Internet .The newer social networking sites like Yuwie , IBIBO not only helps in building social contacts but also gives other privileges like earning through blogging & uploading pictures .Majority of people who surf Internet frequently are members of at least one social networking websites either for fun , or to build contacts or for promotion of their own on line business or for earning through blogging . When it comes to earning through blogging , people spend several hours in a day to update their blogs & than on reading & commenting other bloggers work. As a result of which bloggers get very much acquainted with each others style of writing , thoughts ,likes , dislikes ,profession & other personal aspects & at times bloggers get attracted to opposite sex bloggers. Once this happens the bloggers mind gets completely diverted from blogging . He or she starts giving very sensitive comments on the articles of the bloggers with whom he or she has got attracted .The comments are very frequent & personalised as a result both the bloggers get attracted to one another.

Recently I came across few cases where in male bloggers first approached female bloggers by giving frequent & touching comments on their articles & than they exchanged their contact numbaers & email IDs.Later the male bloggers shared their past with the female bloggers & expressed how lonely they are without true love in their lives & eventually proposed the females saying that they can only bring the lost love back into their lives . Women feel very sorry for the past of males & they started loving the them thinking that the males are very honest & will be carrying husbands if they tie knot with them. For few months these couples continued their interaction through blogging & chatting & meanwhile they commited for marriage , without any face to face meetings. Since it was not a true love & was mear attraction the male bloggers got attracted to another female bloggers & thereby they lost interest in the previous female bloggers & the commitments which they made to them became meaningless.

As usual the females got very upset , they lost hope , trust & health & now these women do not believe in the Institution of marriage they do not want to get married for ever & are not ready to forget them athough their dream homes are scattered totally According to me it is not wrong to love somebody & to express love for someone nor I say it is the folly of men alone .Also there might be people who got true life partners through social networking sites but I feel one should not commit for marriage without family consent & face to face interaction with the person whom you met through social networking websites.

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2 Responses

  1. UWON says:

    There is lots of competition nowdays between everyone.Ibibo also started social network though there is not much interest in that.


  2. madhu_vamsi says:

    Hello Moksha, You are supporting only female bloggers because u too is a woman. In my opinion female bloggers are not so innocent as you have covered them beautifully. In the present world girls are not as innocent as u r telling. How can u say that all the male bloggers are not loyal. It is depends on the person to person…I totally disagree but it is ur point of view….

    Madhu Vamsi….

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