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Festvals are a mode of recreation & get together . They break the monotony created by daily routine work. All over the world various festivals are celebrated . India is known for its festivities . Holi , Diwali , Christams & Id are celebrated every where but there are some festivals with which we are less familar . In this article I will be writng about Saint Domnick Festival & Mud Festival .

Saint Domnick Festival is celebrated in the memory of Saint Dominick who lived in 10th-11th centuries AD, he used to preach & carry out his ascetic practices in central Italy. Saint Dominik had cured several people who were bitten by snakes.He died on 22nd January 1031 & was buried in Sora. Every year on the First Thursday of May in Cocullo- which is in Italy , a procession is carried out .The procession is unique since the whole crowd is speechless & one can only hear the clicking of Cameras.It is said that the Saint Dominick’s procession ” is the most frightening procession ” .

Thousands of snakes are brought to Cocullo where the procession will be carried out , before covering the statue of Saint Dominick the snakes are given milk & than the snake charmers place the poisonous snake on the statue than the statue is carried by the people & moved in Cocullo. The Italians carry out the procession inorder to protect the territory from the menace of Snakes .As the Italians strongly believe in the magical power of Saint Dominick.Thousand of tourist go to Cocullo to witness the amazing event every year.

Since July 1998 the citizens of Boryeong are celebrating MUD FESTIVAL at Daecheon Swimming Beach ever year in July.The festival is celebrated for 7 days & people from all age group enjoy at the beach . After several researches it was found that the mud of the Daecheon Swimming beach is rich in various minerals & therefore excellent for skin. Several cosmetics made of Daecheon swimming beach mud such as soaps , mud face pack etc.In order to popularise the Deacheon Beach,& the cosmetics made of the Daecheon Beach Mud all over the world the natives of Boryeong celebrate the Mud festival with full vigour.

During the festival lots of competitions & events are organised ,for instance Mud Wrestling ,Mud Sliding etc. So if you wish to enjoy a foreign trip & at the same time enhance your beauty than it is wise to visit Boryeong in Korea during Mud Festival in July.

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  1. Service_to_all says:


    There are several saints and scholars in our very own country whom we have forgotten.

    1. Swami Vivekananda
    2. Nethaji Subash Chandra Bose
    3. Saint Adi Shankara
    etc. etc.
    The list is endless.


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