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LONELINESS IS THE BITTER ENEMY OF MAN …..a true story of Philoo & Grace. ( PART FOUR )


When Philoo heard this her head bend down with shame , she had never thought that Grace had not paid the house rent. Philoo with her head bend down asked all the neighbours to leave the servant alone. Philoo went inside her house , she closed the door tightly & stood behind the doors. She than cried loudly & cried till her eyes completely dried . Philoo remembered her past & those days when she used to live proudly in a grand house of her father. Suddenly Philoo heard a voice from within , saying that it is better to die instead of living a life on others mercy . She thought that she will not depend upon Grace . Philoo washed her face , looked in the mirror . She saw her self in the black coat & with her Master’s degree in her hand . Philloo had done Masters in Science & so she thought that it will be good if she takes up tuitions of 8th to 10th Standard students. Philoo that day did not cooked food for the two , when Grace came to home in the evening , she asked Philoo for the food but Philoo said that forget about food & first tell me why have you not paid the house rent . Grace said it is non of your business to ask me , I will pay it & you do not have to bother about it. Philoo in reply said that ok . I have decided to work & I will pay my share of the house rent . Grace said you will not going to work , Philoo replied I have not asked for your advice or permission. Both the sisters had a big argument that day & the conclusion of the argument was that none of them will interfere in each others work.

Philoo from next day started working on her mission , she made many hand pamphlets & distributed in the her building & also in adjoining buildings. She even did mouth publicity . For 15 days she did day & night effort in getting students. During this period she went out of her house , dressed properly , met new people & even made some friends. Philoo started feeling better , now she did not get time to remember her dead Parrot & even did not bother to look at other birds. She was managing also managing the house too . Fortunately her toil did not go in vain , Philoo got to two students of class 8th for science coaching after a month.Philoo was very delighted , her joy knew no bounds.She wanted to share her success with Grace but she did not because of Grace’s rude behaviour .The two students used to vist Philoo’s house in the afternoon time on every alternate day . They liked Philoo’s way of teaching & also admired her nature.Philoo too enjoyed the company of her students & started forgetting her past. Grace was neither happy nor sad with Philoo’s work because she realized that Philoo was managing the house efficiently although she is teaching her students.Like this 6 months passed , Philoo every month used to give her share in the house rent & she even opened a small saving account of her own in Punjab National Bank.However Grace was like before in her attitude & behaviour but had become very weak. Grace was smoking minimum three cigarettes in a day.Philoo was not aware that Grace had started smoking . She thought because of frustrations Grace is losing her health.


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