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LONELINESS IS THE BITTER ENEMY OF MAN …..a true story of Philoo & Grace.( PART ONE )


Philoo & Grace finally decided to leave their parents house. Grace elder sister of Philoo thought that it would be better to live alone rather than to live on the mercy of their brother & sister in law Margaret. Philoo & Grace were brought up in a middle class educated Catholic family of Goa. After their parents death Philoo & Grace had lot of conflicts with their sister in law Margaret for petty things. As both the sisters were highly qualified they migrated to Bombay in 1975 for a good job. Grace took a small house on rent in Dadar & both the sisters started living together. Grace suggested Philoo ….that she should remain at home & do the house hold work & Grace her self will do a job . Philoo smilingly agreed to it. For months both lived happily , Grace used to go for work & Philoo used to do the house hold task. However after some months Philoo realized that Grace had started dominating her like a boss but she kept her self cool thinking that may be because of work load Grace is behaving so. Philoo at times suggested her elder sister for marriage but Grace said that first they should have enough money & than she will first get Philoo married & than she will tie a knot.

Like a blink of an eye two years passed but Grace never thought of marriage. Philoo through out the day used to remain at home & she used to feel very lonely as she did not have any relatives or friends in Bombay . On one day Philoo bought a Parrot & brought to her home. The Parrot used to speak. As Philoo had lot of love for birds she bought a pair of love birds . As Grace had no objection , Philoo got a Hen too. By now Philoo’s house has turned into a mini zoo ,she had Parrot , Love birds & a Hen . Who ever goes to Philoo’s house the Hen used to fly & sit on Philoo’s shoulder but the bitter part was that Grace did not realize that Philoo feels very lonely.One day Philoo decided to take up a part time job but Grace did not allow her & asked her to do only the house hold work.


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    hi moksha, thanks for an interesting story…

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