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LONELINESS IS THE BITTER ENEMY OF MAN …..a true story of Philoo & Grace ( PART SIX )

PART SIX………….:

Philoo’s plight was horrible. I was 15 & my parents bought a flat in the building where Philoo used to stay . When I saw Philoo for the first time my hairs stand on their end. She was looking like a ghost . In the morning when I was going to school I always used to see her standing in the common passage of the floor & I used to run away from her. For hours Philoo kept standing for no reason in the common passage of the building , every new visitor in the building was shocked to see Philoo . Philoo looked horrible. Her position was worsening every day , she started smoking bidi . Building watchman’s were complaining about Philoo, that she was asking them for a bidi . If the watchman refuses Philoo for a bidi than Philoo starts grumbling. All the people in the building were tired with Philoo but they still allowed her to live in the building. The owner of the Philoo’s house had shifted to USA & because of some legal formalities, she was unable to vacant the house from Philoo until Philoo dies.

One day when I was coming from the school , I met Philoo in the way . She called me with non verbal gestures . I was very afraid because all my friends in the building told me that Philoo is a mad woman & she beats children but I slowly went towards her & she cot my hand. I shouted but she kept one toffee on my hand & asked what is your name ? . I said Moksha. Philoo ok……………….bye. From that day I did not got afraid of Philoo & she met me every day . As days passed I asked other people about Philoo’s life but people did not tell me much about her because for them Philoo was a mad woman & discussing about a mad woman was sheer wastage of time for them but this made me more curious to know more about Philoo . Unfortunately I was not able to know more about Philoo because like her sister Grace , Philoo was also found dead & the missionary people did her crimination . When Philoo was dead her house owner vacant the house . She cleaned the house & threw all the papers & Philoo’s things . In the heap of papers I found a dairy . I took that dairy with the permission of the house owner. Without telling to my parents I took that dairy to my home & opened that dairy . The diary was Grace’s personal diary . In a very beautiful hand writing she has written about her life & her relations with Philoo & what I have written above is what I understood after reading her personal diary . In the last page of the diary Grace had written that ” God punish us with any anything but not with loneliness as LONELINESS IS THE BITTER ENEMY OF MAN .


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