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LONELINESS IS THE BITTER ENEMY OF MAN …..a true story of Philoo & Grace.( PART THREE)


Philoo was sleeping but around 4.00 am she heard somebody knocking on her window glass . As soon as she heard the knocking sound Philoo hairs stand on their end, she was trembling with fear. Philoo covered her face tightly with her blanket as if she wanted to hide herself. For few minutes she remained like this but than she realized that somebody was pulling her blanket & Philoo screamed ” who is there , who is there ” . Grace said ” Philoo have you gone mad , you will die you have covered your face so tightly with this blanket & how will you breathe in “. Philoo calmed her self , she removed the blanket from her face & with fear said , ” that she heard somebody knocking on the window , so she covered her face ” . Philoo & Grace used live on the ground floor house & Philoo’s room window used to open on the main street. Grace on hearing this became more angry, she said that you have become Psychic , there is no one .Come with me I will take you to the window .No sooner Philoo heard that she was becoming Psychic , Philoo cried loudly , she said that , ” Yes I am becoming Psychic & all because of you . You have caged me , Margaret was better than you . You do not want to marry & you do not allow me too ” . On hearing this Grace too screamed , ” She said you do not know men are frauds they play with women’s emotions & if she still wants to marry she can go ahead but she will also find a person like Peter who will deceive her “. When Philoo heard that Peter was a fraud , she calmed down & politely asked Grace about Peter. Grace with her hand on her fore head said that Peter took away all the cash from her & got settled in Dubai with his wife . Philoo without asking anything further hugged her sister & said that Peter was a fraud but all men are not like him but Grace did agree to it & said that Peter was the first & the last man in her life.

Philoo thought that with time Grace’s wounds will heal & she never fought with Grace for money but Grace became frustrated , she had started smoking & drinking . Grace used to behave rudely with every one & especially with children , she did not like children playing outside her house . One day she took away a bat of a boy & did not return him for a month . The boy used to request for the bat every day .Grace was now 44 & Philoo was 40 . At the age of 44 Grace looked like 55 year old woman . Throughout the day Grace used to grumble , people at her office tried to avoid Grace .Philoo was not aware of the fact that Grace had not paid the house rents since very very long time , Philoo too had become very reserved & mostly she used to remain in her own world. Unfortunately one day Philoo’s Parrot died & because of this Philoo became very upset . She stopped cooking , bathing , cleaning house & even combing her hair . Throughout the day Philoo sat in a corner with a bird’s cage , looking at her Grace became more angry . She started coming late in night .Philoo for a many days did not eat . On one afternoon Philoo opened her house door & as usual sat on a chair with the Parrot’s cage on her laps . That day Philoo fall sleep & taking the advantage of the situation , a neighbour’s servant entered her house & thought to take away a Parker pen which was kept on Philoo’s reading table. This Parker pen was gifted to Philoo by her father . The servant was bout to run with the pen but the Philoo’s Love birds started chirping very loudly & Philoo woke up. She saw the servant in her house . Philoo shouted loudly & as a result of which her neighbours gathered & the servant was unable to run . All the neighbours slapped the servant & asked him to give her pen back . The servant cried & said that do not beat me more I do want to take this pen but actually I was asked by the owner of Philoo’s house to harass Philoo & Grace when ever he gets the opportunity. The owner had given me 200 Rs for that. She told me that for last two years Philoo & Grace had not paid the house rent & after reminding several times , Grace is not paying the house rent . So the land lord wants to vacant the house from Grace & Philoo.


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