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LONELINESS IS THE BITTER ENEMY OF MAN …..a true story of Philoo & Grace.( PART TWO )

PART TWO…………..

Finally after 5 years there was a blossom of Love in Grace’s life. Grace was now 38 & Philoo was 34 . Grace fall in love with her colleague Peter. Peter was 40 & he was working with Grace for last 6 months. Peter had lost his parents in a car accident . Peter used to visit grace daily & than in the evening they used to go for outing . Sometimes Peter had dinner with Grace in her home & Philoo used to enjoy cooking for Peter . Philoo was very delighted with Grace & Peter’s relationship . On one May Sunday they even exchanged the rings. Grace was very happy , both of them started searching for a house so that they can enjoy their married life in that new house. Every thing was going perfectly fine in Grace’s life but one day Peter asked Grace to lend some money as he needed urgently for some work . Thinking that he is her would be she gave him a huge sum of money which she has earned in 5 years of time in Bombay.After taking the money from Grace , Peter did not go to office for few days . Grace started feeling lonely , She contacted Mack , who was a neighbour of Peter . Mack said that Peter had gone to Dubai for a new job. Grace believed in her love & thought that after getting a good job he will take her to Dubai . However Peter did not contacted Grace for one whole year. In this long period Grace did not concentrated on her work much , she remained upset . When ever Philoo used to ask Grace about Peter she used to give some excuses but did not tell her that he has taken money from her.

Eventually the day came when Grace had to face the reality of life …her dream house broke like anything when she heard from Mack that Peter is now well settled with his wife Marry in Dubai. Grace broke from within , she had not only lost her love & trust but money too .Grace became very pessimistic .For even small things she used to scold Philloo very badly at times she even used throw things. Philoo became frightened of Grace , she stopped discussing her problems & her daily activities with Grace . Instead she started talking with birds , ” Oh my dear Parrot your life is much better than me at least there is some body who looks after you . You have at least friends but I have no body around me “. Both the sisters started looking very gloomy & aged. Grace used to come to home in evening had her dinner & used to go to sleep . She did not even bother to ask Philoo how was she ? , does she need anything ? . In this way few moths passed . Philoo because of depression was not able to sleep properly in night . Some times she had to take sleeping medicines. One night Philoo heard somebody knocking at the door . She got up from her bed & look at the clock , it was 4.00 am . She was surprised , she heard the knocking sound thrice . Philoo slowly slowly got up from her bed , she was very frightened but still she opened the door & peeped out but to her shock there was no one outside . Philoo shut the door & went to Grace , she pulled her hand & tried to wake her . Grace woke up & asked what was wrong with Philoo , why she was disturbing her in night . Philoo with fear said that she heard somebody knocking at the door. Grace without giving much importance to Philoo said that she must be dreaming & she again went to sleep. Philoo was sweating because she believed on her ears. She did not sleep that night . Te next morning when Grace was getting ready for her office , Philoo requested Grace to be with her that day because she was feeling very afraid but Grace refused her & said that she should go to sleep. Philo remained all alone at home she did her house hold work as usual . In the evening Grace came home she had her dinner & again went to sleep . Philoo too went to sleep because she had not slept for last two nights.


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