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There is a boom of blogs on internet .Inf act blogging has become a big business, there are several websites which pay good amount for blogging. In the process the websites earn through the advertisement they get. Depending upon the viewership of blogs & /or number of comments or the ratings & sometimes on the number of referrals , bloggers are paid by these websites. Generally female bloggers are luckier than male bloggers in getting more comments , ratings & referrals. Due to this fact at times male bloggers in order to improve the viewership of their blog prefer to be identified as woman. So they keep their display image & name of a woman .

In the above context , I remembered a funny incident which happened recently with my friend Vishal. My friend Vishal was blogging on a popular website named IBIBO . IBIBO was paying top 1000 bloggers every month some 3-4 months back. Keeping in mind that woman bloggers get better response in blogging , Vishal kept his display image of a woman & also his display name as ” CUTE BABE ” . Some male bloggers thinking that my friend was a young female , started commenting & rating his articles regularly. As Vishal used to write well the male bloggers developed interest in reading his articles. As time passed one of the male bloggers named RAJAT developed an attraction for my friend Vishal.Rajat started giving very personal comments which indicated that Rajat was falling in love with my friend Vishal. I used to read Vishal’s articles regularly & therefore I used to come across Rajat’s comment too. Initially I thought that it might be Rajat’s way of appreciating Vishal’s articles but later with some other Rajat’s comment on Vishal’s articles , I realized Rajat was imagining Vishal as a beautiful young woman. Rajat in one of his comments even proposed Vishal.

I felt that Rajat has been deeply attached with Vishal. So I suggested Vishal, to clear Rajat that he is not a female but Vishal said that he does not want to lose his viewership & a his fan. Vishal said that I have not asked Rajat to comment nor I am in any kind of personal communication with him. As Viashal & I are good friends , Vishal promised me that as soon as the blogging round will be over , he will change his display image & name. Rajat kept on commenting on Vishal’s articles & he used to ask regularly Vishal for his email ID & mobile number. One day in his comments , Rajat wrote that he was imagining my friend Vishal in swimming costume. When Vishal & I read this we laughed like anything. Our cheeks were red & our stomach started paining badly. That day we decided that we should not hurt Rjat’s feelings & so it is better to clear Rajat’s misconception of Vishal being a female . Vishal immediately changed his display pic & he kept his own pic on display . Also he changed the display name from ” CUTE BABE ” TO ” VISHAL ” . We were waiting for Rajat’s response & for few days he did not comment on Vishal’s articles. However after some days he left a comment saying that he made a big mistake in his life & he is broken totally from within.

In my opinion it is good to read blogs on net but it is my advice do not be personal with any blogger & also do not go with the picture in the avtaar & the display name .As the name & pic may not be of the blogger or writer . Thus read the articles & blog with the aim of improving intellect .

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  1. satyakam says:

    u should have confidence on ur original avtar whether comment come or not,at least my feeling is like that.why to take help of fraud way..

  2. nishunishaa says:

    i have given my introduction to u all pls do visit

  3. yogeshkit says:

    Yes dear you have written the truth. In this advertising world every product from pen to car is using female models to promote there product. Even I have seen marketing on Orkut is going on with help of female photo. I want to say only that Keep confidence on yourself; you will get success.

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