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Public family parks and gardens occupied by lovers is a issue which is highlighted every now and than by News Channels in India. In most of the urban areas in India the public parks , gardens and beaches developed for family recreation are occupied by romantic unmarried or newly married couples. Well it is not wrong if lovers use the public parks and gardens for recreational activities but the problem arises when the lovers are unable to control their emotions & as a result of which they freely hug , kiss & do things which make other visitors in park feel uncomfortable when they are with their family or friends.

In cities because of huge residential & commercial buildings , factories , shopping malls , hospitals & other work places there is very limited open spaces left for people to move about freely & to breathe fresh air . Therefore public parks & gardens are must for the people of urban areas . Also people have small congested houses in cities & thus it is necessary from fitness part to use public parks & gardens. However because the parks & gardens are occupied by romantic couples , people who use parks for jogging , exercising or for yoga or elderly people who in search of peace , feel uneasy when they find lovers engaged in socially undesirable activities . Parents who go to public parks & gardens with their young children also feel uneasy.

Now the question is , why lovers prefer gardens & parks ? According to Psychologists , young couples who are in love unconsciously starts liking greenery , flowers , tree , birds , butterflies etc. So they find parks & gardens very comfortable & soothing. However the romantic couples fail to realize that their behaviors ( kissing , hugging etc ) in public places make other visitors in park or garden uncomfortable & people feel more stressful by visiting the parks or gardens. As there are no laws pertaining to lovers in public parks or gardens or beaches , people visiting the parks with their family or friends find ignoring as the best solution to this problem. In my locality there was a public garden at Breech Candy . Since lovers occupied it people stopped going there with their families & so young parents either have to take their children to some shopping mall or to some neighbors house for recreation.

Ignoring this issue by people has lead to the mounting of number of romantic couples in public gardens & parks. However the problem can be solved by following ways.
1 ) The local government or some Non-governmental organizations should develop parks or gardens exclusively for lovers.

2) Timing the existing public parks & gardens . For instance – the park will be open only for joggers , elderly people , children between 5.00am to 10.00 am . Than the park will be open only for romantic couples between 10.00am to 2.00 pm . Between 2.00pm to 4.00 pm the park will be closed & again the park will be open only for children , senior citizens , joggers between 4.00pm to 7.00pm.

3) A third way out is penalizing couples who will be seen engaged in socially undesirable activities with their partners in public parks & gardens.

However according to me the second way out is more feasible & easy to adapt. Thus in a nut shell , NANA NANI PARKS TURNING TO LOVERS PARKS is a serious issue as in urban areas public parks & gardens are important places for senior citizens & children for recreation.

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