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The icy winter winds are deadly enemy of our skin & the skin of face , hands , leg , neck & feet are the most affected ones. The skin becomes dry . Not only this , the skin at times bleed because it gets so dried that it cracks & bleeds. The winds also fade the complexion of the skin. So in order to protect the skin from the harmful effects of winter winds. One should follow some of the below measures.

1) Do not use soap if your skin is normal but if your skin is oily than wash your face with soap only once a day.

2) Cleansing cream must be used on face in case of dry skin

3) Do not wash your face with very hot water in winter.

4) Use of good quality moisturizer reduces dryness of the skin.

5) Bfore massging face with cold cream in night before going to bed, clean te face with cleansing milk. Than after cleansing do not wash your face with water but wipe with a wet towel . The towel should be drenched with hot water & than squeezed.

6) Do not forget to massage your face & skin of hands , legs , fetes with cold cream or skin tonic before going to bed.

7) Use as little make up as possible if you have pimples.

8) Avoid using Talcm powder on face during winter

9) Dry , cold winds of winter often chap the skin . To guard against it . Make a paste of Refined wheat flour ( Maida) & milk & rub well on face . Dirt & dust come out with maida paste leaving behind a soft skin.

10) If you have dry & rough skin take seeds of watermelon , pumpkin , cucumber & kharbuja in equal quantity . Grind them in milk . Make a paste adding fresh milk cream . Apply on your face . Leave it for one hour & than wash it off.

11) Add a spoonful of Olive oil to a bucket of water for your bath . This oil gives a glow to the skin . If the skin is very dry , , massage with warm Olive oil 15 minutes prior to bath.

12 ) Also take vitamin E rich foods in the diet & can consume Vitamin E tablets on the advice of Doctor during winter…..

13)Take Mustard seeds . Clean them & grind them . Make a paste either in milk or water . Apply on the skin & massge lightly than wash off with water . Daily use of this paste gives glow to the skin in winter.

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