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Preeti who was in her 6th month of pregnancy , asked Sheetal to have a seat. Sheetal sat on the chair & in a teasing manner said how careless is your husband ? , who does not bother to buy for you a sofa or bed & at this stage you have to lie of the floor .Preeti smilingly said that I am happy with my husband in any situation , it is not that we cannot afford a bed or sofa but we are investing money in other more important things & let me tell you he is a very caring husband. Preeti was crying from within as she was saying but unfortunately she was all alone to bear the pain . Preeti controlled her emotions & asked Sheetal for tea . Sheetal agreed for it . Mean while Preeti was preparing tea in the kitchen , Sheetal took a look at Preeti’s house . Sheetal ” Preeti who cleans your house ? , do you have maid servants ? . Preeti replied ” well I am the owner & the servant of my house “. Sheetal , ” you clean your house as well take care of your son “. Preeti , ” house wives have immense strength in them & they can manage everything in life & you will realize it when you will get married “.

Preeti gave Sheetal a cup of tea & again sat down , Preeti was silent & Sheetal too was silent both were in their own world , thinking from where to start their actual conversation. Preeti unconsciously was patting her 4 years old son- Ayush’s back & was trying to put him sleep as it was already 11.30 pm . Sheetal finished her cup of tea & kept the cup down , ” Preeti you are a nice woman but your opposite of you , he is a devil in the guise of man ” . Preeti kept on listening without uttering a single word. Sheetal repeated the same words. Seeing that Preeti is not responding to her Sheetal said , ” but because your are a good I will not hurt your husband much but if you were not there in his life I would have killed him by now. Preeti was thinking from within that Sheetal was trying to excite her against her husband & so she kept her lips still sealed.

Sheetal stood up from the chair & went towards Ayush & started moving her fingers in his soft hairs .She than said , ” you have a lovely son but I pray he does not turn like his father ” . Now Preeti broke her silence & said , ” You are also nice woman , why do not you marry someone ?, you can still find a nice guy for your self , your mother does not tell you to marry ? after all all a woman is incomplete without a man ” . Sheetal replied ” but I do not tie a knot with a man like yours ” . Preeti did not reply to what Sheetal had said just now because Preeti knew that Sheetal is willing to listen something against Ajay ( Preeti’s husband) from her . Preeti kept on patting Ayush’s back thinking that her ( Preeti’s ) single word against Ajay will be a big tool for Sheetal & with this tool Sheetal will dig a big rift between Preeti & Ajay for ever……………..TO BE CONTINUED

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