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Sheetal took a deep breathe & said well Ajay promised me to marry & therefore I never looked for another guy. We were very happy together but I feel sorry for you my dear Preeti .Ajay has deceived you , Ayush & the un born baby for no reason. Sheetal thought now Preeti will reply at least from her children’s side but Preeti did not answer Sheetal back. ” We had physical relation twice ” , Sheetal told in a loud & piercing voice to hurt Preeti. ” He always promised me to marry , we are in a relation from last one year . I hope Ajay have told you that ” . Preeti without getting irritated replied ” Yes , he told me everything yesterday about you & his relations with you ” .
Hearing this Sheetal immediately said , ” what kind of woman you are ? Why do not leave Ajay ? You are a woman who should be worshiped like Goddess by Ajay ” . Preeti without getting pleased said ” why you had physical relation with Ajay without getting married , no wise woman gets into such type of relation without getting married ” . Preeti said so because she knew that is was not just Ajay’s mistake but it was a mistake made by both Ajay & Sheetal. Preeti knew that Sheetal was trying to make her against Ajay & Sheetal is still in love with Ajay because Preeti had read the SMS which was sent by Sheetal to Ajay early in the morning. In the SMS she has written that she stills loves Ajay.

The clock struck 1.00 am & Preeti heard somebody knocking at the door , she thought that Ajay has come from his work. Sheetal stood & opened the door. Ajay was surprised . He was unable to make eye contact with Preeti but still Preeti smiled at Ajay & asked him for dinner . Ajay said that he already had dinner. Sheetal again thought to spoil the relation of Preeti & Ajay , she clapped her hands loudly & looking at Ajay in a humiliating tone said , ” Ajay you have a wonderful wife but you are a shameless husband………& Preeti is a jewel “. Ajay looked towards Preeti & than towards Sheetal , he realized the difference between the two women. Ajay remembered of that night when Sheetal forced him to come to her house & than she seduced him…..& his mistake of not telling Sheetal that he is already married . The whole incident was making him upset. The day first he met Sheetal & the day when she took away his mobile phone to call up all his friends to tell them about her relations with Ajay was unforgettable for Ajay. When Sheetal took away Ajay’s mobile phone , Ajay thought that now he should inform his wife Preeti about it…..because in case Sheetal contact her first , than Preeti may come in big problem as she was pregnant . Ajay called up Preeti & told her every thing …..on hearing this from her husband Preeti felt that the earth is revolving very fast , first Preeti did not believe as he was always good with her. …… Preeti cried loudly , she thought now every thing was over in her life . She did not inform her parents about this bitter fact in life as she thought that they may not be able to tolerate finally she realized that she cannot spoil her children’s future & therefore decided not to leave Ajay at any cost . So she invited Preeti to her house next day in the night to make her understand that time heals the biggest wound……………………….TO BE CONTINUED

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