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All three , Preeti , Ajay & Sheetal were silent for a while being as if all were bitten by one snake. Suddenly Ayush broke the silence by crying . Preeti & Ajay’s attention went on Ayush , Ayush hugged his father tightly & Ajay too kissed him on his forehead . Sheetal was getting jealous from within & Preeti was staring towards Sheetal as she was willing to convey Sheetal that although Ajay had relation with you but he still loves his family. Preeti took Ayush in her arms & gain tried to put him back to sleep . Preeti did not want Ayush to hear their conversation. Sheetal said to Ajay , ” I just came here because your wife had invited me other wise I would have never attended your place ” . Ajay looking towards clock said , ” ok ” . Realizing that Ajay is ignoring her , Sheetal thought that Ajay must be pretending because of his wife Preeti . So Sheetal requested Preeti to leave Ajay & her for just 10 minutes before she leaves Ajay & Preeti for ever. Preeti without getting tensed left them alone & she went into another room.

Ajay , ” Yes what do you want to talk with me ? ” . Sheetal , ” Well I still love you & can wait till Preeti delivers than you can give her divorce & we can marry “.
Ajay realized that Sheetal is playing a game with him. He said , ” no…..never ” . Sheetal replied , ” than I will defame you in media & your career will spoil ….well I do not care for my self , the guy Rasheed who was there in my life before you has already repented for refusing me. So now it is up to you either marry me or I will defame you ”
Ajay in anger said , ” You do what ever you want to…..I had already made a mistake once & I do not want to repeat it at .any cost. I feel disgusted when i think about the night which I has spent with you ” . Sheetal , ” but that was the best moment of my life “. Ajay , ” Please leave us ” . he was burning from within as he was thinking that how cunning is Sheetal ? Right in front of Preeti , Sheetal called me devil & a shameless man & behind Preeti she is saying that I am her true love.

Sheetal realized that Ajay is not afraid of her threats . Meanwhile Preeti was sitting in other room her heart was beating hard but she had decided mentally that she will not going to leave Ajay . Sheetal bursted into tears & tried to hug Ajay but Ajay moved 3-4 steps back . Sheetal , ” do not do this to me , I promise you that I will prove to be a better than Preeti . We together can earn lot of money & fame in media . I know Ajay you are a very talented artist & with your voice you create a magic & I am a beautiful woman ……we have a great chemistry dear “. Ajay now in a loud voice , ” Please go away & do not try to persuade me , I am always with preeti & you can do what ever you want to do ” . Preeti heard Ajay shouting loudly , she came out of the room & saw Ajay was red in anger . Ajay said , ” Please leave immediately other wise I will throw you out of my house & do not ever try to dig a valley between me & Preeti ” ………………………….TO BE CONTINUED

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