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Seeing that Ajay is out of control, Sheetal said , ” So you are throwing me out of your life …..so I must teach you a lesson . Although I am poor , I do not have money but I will do anything to defame you & than you will not be able t live in Mumbai nor will be able to show your face to any one . One more thing you will never become a renowned artist …..this is my curse . I shall not return your mobile phone & the cash money which you had given me ” . Preeti felt that she was sinking & she was afraid that Ayush does not hear any conversation. Her legs were shaking severely . Sheetal than looked at Preeti & to make her more nervous said , ” Preeti you just wait & watch “. Sheetal opened the door , went out & shut the door very hard. Hearing the loud noise of , Ayush woke up & came running out. Ayush hugged Preeti tightly ….Preeti was sweating took Ayush inside the room & placed him on bed & put him back to sleep.

Ajay was standing near the window ….peeping out , he was unable to speak with Preeti . Feeling that Ajay is feeling guilty from within . Preeti kept her hand on Ajay’s shoulder & asked him to put his head on her laps . Preeti with her fingers moved his hair lightly . Ajay in a pleading tone , ” I cannot ask you to forgive me because I had some thing which is very wrong . You can give me any punishment for my offense but do not give me the punishment of leaving alone for ever. I have realized that you area jewel. Sheetal will spoil my career now but I do not care for it but I cannot afford to lose you ” .Preeti kept on listening & was making a humming sound…….to ensure Ajay that she was listening . Ajay , ” Preeti please slap me but do not leave me …..I will die ” . Finally Preeti replied, ” I am hearing you & please do not talk about death . Well I never asked you for money or anything else because I always loved you & so if Sheetal spoils your career I will be happy to live with you in any worst situation. Regarding Sheetal I am sure she will not do any thing because she is also equally responsible for what has been done , also time will heal her wounds . As she was angry she said so . Now please stop thinking about Sheetal & try to sleep as it is already 3.00am “.

Ajay slept , his head was in preeti’s laps through out night but Preeti was sleepless . Although she has calmed Ajay but she kept on thinking about Ajay’s career & his relations with Sheetal . She was unable to forget Sheetal’s threats. Next day in the morning Ajay woke up & he was surprised to see the whole night his head was in Preeti’s laps & Preeti kept sitting with his head in her laps . He stood up & walked into the kitchen to prepare tea so that Preeti can rest for a while . As he was preparing tea , Preeti cam into the kitchen & said , ” why you made it , you should have told me ” . Ajay , ” No it is fine …I have already disturbed you a lot & now please give me chance to improve ” .

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